Workforce Development approach to PBS

Using a workforce development approach to increase the use of PBS in the North East and Cumbria in collaboration with Northumbria University.

The North East and Cumbria received funding to scope the workforce in relation to PBS as part of transforming care. Read more on this here.

This scoping report identified some recommendations, which led to the development of the below PBS programmes, focusing on building capacity in social care.

This involved developing three new posts (Strategic workforce development managers). These posts aimed to employ PBS specialist who could support the development of this model. Following this, three accredited programmes were developed, structure in a tiered format to enable infrastructure within the organisations. This involved the organisation committing to release staff to undertake all levels (see below).

The programmes are tailored to the role of different staff within social care. The practice leader programme was tailored towards staff leading PBS in their organisation. The facilitator course was aimed at managers and team leads, for example, those staff whose role it was to coach and support direct care staff. The third programme was aimed at anyone providing direct support. This provides a unique course tailored to the needs of the workforce.

A blended learning approach was used in these programmes this included face to face teaching and ELearning. Competency assessment plays a central role in these programmes. Each programme included both an academic and competency-based assessment to ensure staff could both understand the theory as well as practically implement PBS in their service setting.

The workforce development approach has been independently evaluated to find out more here- Final_PBS_report_051020